Wednesday, August 19, 2009

McTaggart: Deal makes sense

McTaggart weighs in:

You can call the Astros' trading of Pudge Rodriguez to the Rangers a case of throwing in the towel for 2009 or the start of a rebuilding effort, but I don't believe either is the case. Are the Astros out of it for this? Almost certainly, but they aren't going to concede anything until they are mathematically eliminated.

And I wouldn't call trading away a 35-year-old catcher who has very little left in the tank the start of a rebuilding effort. Pudge was brought here to serve in a pinch anyway, to play one season at catcher while the Astros wait on Jason Castro to get ready. Pudge gave the Astros more offense at catcher than they've had in years and was a great influence on the pitching staff, but basically they go three players from the Rangers for very little. It's a good move, and the kind they should have made.

Now, if the Astros start getting rid of Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman, then you have rebuilding on your hands. Getting rid of Pudge? Not so much...

...The bottom line is the Astros still have some nice pieces and moves like sending off Pudge could only have a positive effect on their future.

He also advocates giving Manzella a shot at SS1, and resigning Tejada and moving him to 3B1 (for $5-7 mil).