Thursday, August 6, 2009

2009 Draft Class pitching stats

Building on something Zachary Levine did a while back, I thought we could take this off-day and take us a gander at how the pitchers of the 2009 draft class are faring in their first year of professional ball. Stats are listed for highest classification (for instance, if a pitcher was promoted from GCL to Greeneville, only the Greeneville stats are listed, etc.)


Player (Round) TeamIPERA/WHIPK:BB
Bushue (2)GCL22.12.42/1.0319:5
Hyatt (4)GRN1410.93/2.2911:11
Keuchel (7)TC23.21.90/0.8916:1
Walker (8)TC337.09/1.6725:25
Berner (14)TC510.80/2.403:5
Harper (17)TC69.00/2.173:8
MacDonald (18)TC20.23.05/1.4020:6
Jones (22)GCL11.17.94/2.299:7
Donovan (23)TC156.60/1.8712:13
Modica (24)TC19.10.93/1.1911:6
Smink (30)GRN16.26.48/1.5610:5
Stines (33)TC253.96/1.6012:7
Migl (34)TC8.214.54/3.357:13
Sarisky (40)GRN13.14.73/1.3517:4
Schurz (44)GCL162.25/1.0022:6
Hylander (50)GCL27.13.62/1.0620:7

24th Round pick Mike Modica has the 09 pitching draft class' best ERA with 0.93
7th Round pick Dallas Keuchel has the best WHIP at 0.89
8th Round pick Brandt Walker is your K leader with 25