Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You surely didn't think LaHawk would get away with saying what he said, did you?

Because he won't. Not from Cubs fans.

Yes, we all know the umpires are in the tank for the Cubs – that’s why they win the World Series every single year. That’s why LaTroy got nothing but strike calls back when he pitched for the Cubs (strange that he still managed to melt down in almost every pressure situation he faced).

Clearly, Hawkins is still bitter about the fans basically running him out of Chicago in 2005. LaTroy wanted Cubdom to have more patience with him while he worked out his issues. LaTroy didn’t deserve all that booing and jeering even though you could literally see him melting like an ice cream cone left on a hot dashboard, creating a sticky mess all over the mound.

You would think four years would be enough for LaTroy to finally get over all that. But I guess not.

And of course the Chicago Tribune ran it. What did the comments section have to say?

-No matter how well LaTroy Hawkins does, whenever he plays the Cubs he always reverts to the way he was while he pitched for the Cubs: A classless idiot who cannot get anyone out.

-If the ump truly wanted the Cubs to win, he would not have ejected Hawkins; he would have made him pitch to Aramis...

-This is coming from the same guy who told the Chicago media that he could do their job but they couldn't do his (2004). He has always complained about everything, no matter what team he is on. He has never been welcome in a clubhouse. He hasn't lasted more than two years on one team since leaving Minnesota. I hope he's fined. Pompous athletes like him deserve it.

Oh, and it's not solely focused on LaHawk. We Astros fans get a shot, too:
Check out the Houston Chronicle their stupid fans think Soriano was pointing at the Houstondugout after his walk-0ff GS. They're advocating drilling him in the ribs! Pretty funny stuff, what a bunch of LOSERS!!


Ty said...

I will say that on the replay I was questioning who he was pointing at as he ran to first. If he does get drilled, it won't hurt my feelings. But, hey, give the man some credit. He crushed that pitch. And a walkoff HR is a little more OK for me to have some showboating. Esp. a grand slam against division rivals. I'll begrudge him that. Let's let Roy do the talking for us tonight.

The Constable. said...

I'll whole-heartedly agree with that. At first I thought "Yeah, that sucks!" with Soriano doing the WWF/WWE thing. But then I thought about what I would do if I had just won a game in extras with a walk-off granny. And I calmed down.