Sunday, July 19, 2009

Paronto up

Predictably, Chad Paronto is happy to not be in Round Rock.

“I'm very glad. Obviously the only reason I play is to be here. We'll see what happens. I'll take the ball whenever they give it to me. I'll try to pitch well and make it a tough decision when it comes to decision-making time.”

"He's always had pretty good command. He's been primarily a one-inning guy down there. But we know he can pitch more than one (inning) because he did that for us last year. He can be anywhere from the third or fourth inning of the game to all the way to probably the sixth inning of the game. It could be one inning or two innings. It could be situational. It just depends.”


We also see that Lee is still hurting from fouling a pitch off the inside of his knee. The trainer had him wear a wrap overnight on Friday, and he was back in the lineup to start last night.

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