Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Now that's how you get angry at your players

Hooks manager Luis Pujols, on his closed-door meeting following a series with Northwest Arkansas, where the Hooks were outscored 34-13:

“We didn’t play worth a (expletive) and they needed to know that. I’m very disappointed in the homestand. We didn’t pitch, we didn’t hit and we didn’t play defense. We didn’t do anything good. We were flat the whole homestand, not just tonight. I just let them know that we need to pick it up. They know that we didn’t play well. This is my first meeting of the year; It took three months to have a meeting. We have (exactly) two months left and a lot of baseball to play. I believe they understand that they didn’t play good enough. (The coaching staff) lets them know how to play the game, but they’re the ones who have to play.”

And on Naturals' pitcher Everett Teaford?
“He threw the ball well. But he wasn’t Sandy Koufax.”

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