Friday, July 24, 2009

Notes on Oswalt/Wandy

JJO checks in with a counter-point focus on the front end of the rotation.

“We’re fortunate enough to have two guys that can pitch at the top of any rotation in baseball. Roy’s reputation for the lion’s share of his career has been that he’s a true ace. Clearly, he’s still an ace. Wandy has always been viewed as a guy with a lot of weapons who should put it together. Now, he’s put it together with the way he’s pitched this season. The way he’s pitched this year it’s just been phenomenal. Selfishly, I’m glad he didn’t get used in the All-Star Game, but I thought he deserved to be an All-Star.”

“I think it’s great for the organization to have two guys in the rotation where they’re doing well. The other guys have been throwing well, too. It’s not like they haven’t been throwing the ball well. I think the biggest thing is everybody is trying to feed off each other. If one guy does well, the other guys want to do well. It’s not just one guy. Hopefully you can pick up three and four and five and then hopefully you have everybody go as one.”

Carlos Lee:
“All the pitchers have done well. I think our team’s rotation has done a tremendous job, not as much reflecting on wins and losses, but in the majority of the games they’ve given the offense a chance to win the game. That’s the most important thing. ... They’ve given us a chance to win most of the games.”

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