Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Major outbreak of Belief sweeping through the clubhouse

Pudge started the love-fest:
I see something very special in this team, which, to be honest, reminds me of '03."

2003 would be the year the Marlins finished the year 57-32 and won the World Series.

Then Tejada got in on it:
“I think we have the same energy and the same belief as when I played for Oakland. It happened last year, and I hope we can do it again this year.”

Levine notes that Oakland won 102 games in 2002, and went 63-18 in the second half.

Then Richard Justice does his thing:
Do you believe in them yet? It’s getting harder and harder not to. This isn’t about last month or next month. Good teams focus on now.

And rounding out the impressive Quad, JJO jumps on:
Could the 2009 Astros be destined for something special? I believe so. I think they might. Think about it for a second. They've dealt with everything short of death this season, yet they've survived and are now just two games away from the NL Central-leading Cardinals.

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