Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hunter Pence's Last 29 PAs

From June 20-23, Hunter Pence was 6x12 with 2 doubles. Since then...he has 4 hits in his last 29 plate appearances. Let's take a look to see how this could happen (other than the implied "Baseball is really, really hard" argument)

6/24 vs. Kansas City
B2 - 3-1 groundout to SS
B5 - 1-1 groundout to SS
B7 - 3-2 walk
B9 - 2-2 flyout to LF
B11 - 1-2 groundout to 2B

6/25 vs. Kansas City
B2 - 2-0 groundout to SS
B4 - first pitch flyout to CF
B6 - 0-2 groundout to 3B
B8 - 3-2 K (swinging)

6/26 vs. Detroit
B1 - 2-2 K (swinging)
B3 - 1-2 single to LF
B5 - 0-2 groundout to 2B
B7 - 0-1 groundout to SS

6/27 vs. Detroit
B1 - 0-2 flyout to RF
B3 - 3-1 double to LF
B5 - 0-2 K (swinging)
B7 - 1-0 GIDP to 2B

6/28 vs. Detroit
B2 - 1-1 flyout to CF
B4 - 2-2 ground rule double to LF
B7 - 0-2 K (swinging)
B9 - 2-2 foulout to C

6/29 @ San Diego
T2 - 0-1 flyout to RF
T5 - 0-1 flyout to CF
T6 - 2-2 fielder's choice to 3B
T9 - 1-1 infield single to 3B

6/30 @ San Diego
T2 - 0-2 lineout to RF
T4 - 1-1 groundout to 3B
T6 - 2-2 flyout to CF
T8 - first pitch groundout to SS

Let's break this down:

11 groundouts / 9 flyouts
4 hits
4 strikeouts - all swinging / 1 walk

In play, left side: 12
In play, right side: 3
In play, middle: 8

Strikes: 16
Balls: 11
Swinging: 2

For a guy who Inside Edge says hits to middle/left side of the infield 71% of the time, to do so 87% of the time would indicate that he's trying to pull the ball, and since five of the seven games in question are home games - he's trying to get a jack, and rolling over on the ball.


Seth said...

Ding ding ding!

Hunter is at his best when he's focused on driving the ball to right center. He has too much bat speed to be looking to pull it all the time. He has to drive the ball the right center and trust his hands on the inside fastball to get through the zone quick enought to hit it. He must not be trusting his hands right now and he's trying to pull everything. He just needs to get in the cage with Berry and make the adjustment to what he was doing.

jphelps said...

It looks like he's setting up off the plate more than he used to also. Maybe he's trying to out think the book that the other teams have compiled on him.