Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fernando Vina on the bandwagon...

Make room, make room: Fernando Vina has jumped on the Astros' 2nd-half, return-only bandwagon.

The Astros have an advantage over the other teams competing in that division; they have a prolific leadoff man. Michael Bourn, who came to Houston in the Brad Lidge trade, quickly is becoming one of the game's most enticing players. He has a .354 OBP and is leading the National League in stolen bases (35) and triples (8). His presence on the bases gives RBI men Miguel Tejada, Carlos Lee and Lance Berkman chances to put up big offensive numbers. We've seen guys such as Jose Reyes and Jimmy Rollins bring a jolt to teams; it's without question that Bourn can do the same for Houston.

But then he just gets stupid:
We've seen the Killer B's in Houston, but imagine if they had Killer Roys in the front of their rotation? If Drayton McLane and Ed Wade are looking for a boost, they need to involve themselves in the Roy Halladay sweepstakes. Having the righty Roys pitch on back-to-back days will guarantee you at least one win, if not two. Add in Rodriguez and Brian Moehler, and things are looking pretty good. Houston does have a history of trading for an ace at the deadline. Randy Johnson was brought in as a rental in 1998. Even if a team such as the Phillies lands Halladay, there is always a chance to get into talks with the Indians for Cliff Lee. If McLane is willing to take the chance on either guy, it certainly would be worth it.

And breaks it down as such:
Unless the Astros can make a trade, their chances for October are slim. They will continue to push along like they always do. Their middle-of-the-order hitters (Berkman, Lee, Tejada) are among the best in baseball. Then you add in veterans such as Ivan Rodriguez and Darin Erstad, and scrappy youngsters Hunter Pence and Bourn, and this team was bound to get hot any minute.

While I sincerely appreciate national publicity, to think of trading what few major-league ready prospects we have, and even prospects with an ETA of 2012-2013 for a rent-a-pitcher is asinine. Their chances for October may be slim, but they'll be even slimmer in the future if they trade for Halladay.

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