Friday, July 10, 2009

Corpus Christi Caller-Times runs down the Top 10 trades of the last 10 years

Joel Roza at the Caller-Times churns out an article on the Top 10 Astros trades of the last 10 years. Click the link for the explanation, but I'll include the trade, and a one-line snipped, because I love you all...

10. Buchholz, Hirsh, Taveras to Colorado for Jason Jennings and Miguel Ascencio (December 2006).
By far and wide, the worst trade of this decade. This is the deal that sealed Tim Purpura’s fate and sent the Astros into a full tailspin.

9. Scott, Albers, Patton, Sarfate, Costanzo to Baltimore for Miguel Tejada (December 2007)
It seems Houston’s lust and Ed Wade’s desire to shake things up ended up costing Houston more than helping. The forgotten wrinkle in all of this though is the guy not involved in the deal, but one who was certainly affected – Adam Everett.

8. Zobrist and Talbot to Tampa Bay for Aubrey Huff (July 2006)
Just another ‘get rich quick’ trade, yet again, gone horribly wrong. It’s also one of those deals that took a couple years to go from bad to worse.

7. Blum to Tampa Bay for Brandon Backe (December 2003)
Blum would end up as a member of the 2005 White Sox and hit a game-winning homer in Game 3 of the World Series, putting the Astros in an 0-3 hole in the series, where they were eventually swept.

6. Qualls, Gutierrez, Burke to Arizona for Jose Valverde (December 2007)
I just believe the Astros had their priorities mixed up with this deal. It was a good deal but at a bad time.

5. Wagner to Philadelphia for Brandon Duckworth, Taylor Buchholz, and Ezequiel Astacio (November 2003)
But the trade, which drew the ire of Astros Nation initially, ended up not being because of Wagner’s comments, though I’m sure they made it easier, but to free up payroll so that the Astros could sign Andy Pettitte, and later, Roger Clemens.

4. Seuss to New York Mets for Dan Wheeler (August 2004)
Who in the hell is Adam Seuss?
(Ed Note: Adam Seuss failed a steroids test in Spring Training 2005)

3. Lidge and Bruntlett for Michael Bourn, Geoff Geary, and Mike Costanzo (November 2007)
It’s still Philly’s ballgame, but I’m starting to like this trade more and more.

2. Jeriome Robertson to Cleveland for Luke Scott and right to Willy Taveras (March 2004)
If you whittle it all down, all the Astros have to show for this trade today is Miguel Tejada. At least we got a pennant out of it. Very good trade though. Leave it to Gerry Hunsicker.

1. Octavio Dotel, John Buck, and $$$ to Kansas City and Oakland for Carlos Beltran (June 2004)
He can have Citi Field, I’ll take the memories. Awesome, awesome trade.

What say you?


Ty said...

I say it's weird how they start out bagging on trades and then glorifying them. There must have only been 10 trades in the past 10 years...

Joel Roza said...

I was shooting for more of a "most memorable or influential" kind of theme, Ty. All of the mentioned trades had an enormous impact on the Astros, some good, some bad, which is why they're there in that format. Hope that clears up the "weirdness". Thanks for reading!


Ty said...

Yeah, I didn't read your article before I commented. The way The Constable presented it, it was a top ten list. But, your article, not so much. And that's clear in hindsight.

Anyway, TC likes your writing so I'm sure I'll be reading more of your insights on Astros County. Keep up the good work.