Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Astros Notes

Notes column from the Chronicle this morning:

Doug Brocail is getting back to bullpen sessions. Dewey Robinson:
“This is just the first time we’ve seen him off the mound. Just from my end of it he looked good. He only threw about 25 fastballs, but the ball’s coming out of his hand good.”

"I’m pain-free.”

It will be interesting to see what the Astros do with Brocail once he's ready to go. I bet he's thinking pretty hard about Geoff Geary and Brandon Backe...

Remember the mention of LaHawk waving the trainer back in the dugout in last night's game? It's apparently a stiff neck.

“Quintero just saw him, and he thought he kind of winced when he threw a pitch. That’s why he called us out. Hawk said he was OK. I think Hawk’s battling a stiff neck. He kind of winced when he threw a pitch. Q thought it was something serious.”

“It doesn’t affect the pitching at all. Quintero thought I winced, but it was because the pitch I was trying to throw sunk, and I was trying to make it cut.”

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