Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Astros giving away a lot of outs

It's been regularly mentioned that the 2009 Houston Astros have given away a ton of outs this season on the basepaths. There's no way I'm going back game-by-game through the other 29 teams, but let's just take a look at the baserunning errors this season...

Caught Stealing: 29
Doubled off 1st: 3
Out stretching for an extra base: 12

See that? That's 44 baserunning outs. Or the equivalent of almost 15 innings worth of outs on baserunning errors. Obviously a team that steals - or tries to steal - as much as the Astros is going to get thrown out a lot, but the 29 CSs are tied for most in the Majors, and the closest NL Central team - the Reds - only have had 20 runners thrown out trying to steal.

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