Wednesday, June 10, 2009

With the 641st pick...

The Astros select their 2nd Boston Collegian, in 6'0" 180lb 2B Barry Butera.

Butera bats left, throws right, and hails from Covington, Louisiana.

Father Barry Butera, Sr had this to say:
"He just does what he is asked to do. He is the consummate team player and will do whatever is necessary to help his team win. Moving from second to the outfield may hurt him draft-wise. He first made the switch last year. It helps the club. A left-handed-hitting second baseman is attractive to the pros. A left-handed-hitting outfielder who hits five home runs a year is a dime-a-dozen. He's on several draft boards. He has a pre-draft workout scheduled for the Astros at Minute Maid Park on June 5 if Boston College is not still playing. The Padres, Giants and Tigers have also called me about him. He's going to get drafted."

At BC this season, Butera's line:
70x215 (.326/.404/.460), 17XBH-34RBI, 49K:19BB, 6SB.

In the ACC, he batted .418 in 30 league games, second in the Conference.

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