Monday, June 29, 2009

Who does Hampton replace

Earlier this morning we talked about Hampton rejoining the rotation tomorrow - and he's scheduled to start, which means there's an odd-man out.

We're not even going to discuss Roy or Wandy - because they're in. But who deserves to get bumped, or sent down?

Let's take into account the month of June:


Looks pretty clear to me that if we're replacing a starter with Hampton, it's got to be Moehler who gets bumped. If we take into account relievers, it's not going to be Byrdak or Wright (who has a 0.00/0.60 ERA/WHIP since coming back from Round Rock, lowering his ERA almost 2 full points), because they're the only two lefties in the bullpen. Only Valverde has an ERA over 3.00, and he's not going anywhere.

This seems to be a logical move to make, which means you will be able to completely disregard this post within 30 hours.

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