Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Recap for G74 - Astros @ Padres

How do you like that? The Astros extend their record to 4-0 over the Padres this season, and Roy gets his 4th win of the season in a distinctly Roy-esque performance, with a 3-1win at Petco Park.

Want to hear my favorite Petco Park story? You don't have a choice, unless you scroll down. So the Padres opened Petco Park, and you could buy bricks to go on their sidewalk, or wherever, and have them engraved. So someone bought a bunch of bricks, and had them say Break Open Your Cold Ones, Toast The Padres! Enjoy This Championship Organization. Of course, what does the first letter of each word spell? BOYCOTT PETCO. To the Padres credit, they left it. No need to invite PETA to a baseball game.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah, the Astros' win last night. Multi-hit games from Berkman, Lee, and Oswalt, with Lee leading the way in the Pitches Seen department (18, in four PAs). Once again, the Astros didn't draw any walks - more on that later this morning.

RBIs from Lee (single), Blum (sac fly), Pudge (homer) accounted for the runs; Lee's and Blum's came in a two-run 6th inning that broke a 1-1 tie.

But the real story is Roy's second complete game of the season, and this one - unlike vs the Twins - was a win. Let's regard...

Roy: 9IP, 2H/1ER, 8K:2BB, 17 first-pitch strikes (FPS) (54.8%), 36 non-contact strikes (NCS) - 25 called strikes, and 11 swinging strikes. 110 pitches, 74 for strikes.

His only real trouble came in the 4th...
Eckstein: HBP
Hairston: Doubled
Gonzalez: IBB
Kouzmanoff: Popout to SS
Wild pitch scores Eckstein
Headley struck out looking
Alfonzo struck out swinging

And that was it. From the Headley AB, Roy got the next 17 batters to end the game.

Man of the Match: Roy. No doubt. ERA is now down to 4.02.

Goat of the Game: I'm giving this one to Kaz Matsui, and if anyone can give me a reason to rescind it, I'm open to the idea. 0x3 with a K and saw 12 pitches all night.

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Ty said...

Good story. Good game. Good trade to get Oswalt on my fantasy roster.