Monday, June 1, 2009

Pudge 3rd in All-Star balloting

Might the Astros be one of those teams - a la Pittsburgh & Kansas City - who only get the token All-Star nod?

Maybe. Pudge is 3rd among NL catchers in All-Star Voting (expect some blazing hot rhetoric closer to the Midsummer Crappic).

Latest voting:
Yadier Molina - 629,007
Jason Kendall - 471,557
Pudge - 423,369
Brian McCann - 416,149

Pudge is the only Astro as high as third place in voting.

If you had to choose one Astro as an All-Star, it should probably be Tejada. Wandy should be in the mix. Pence has a good case as a reserve outfielder. Anyone else?

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Ryan Sides said...

If we're basing if it offense AND defense, Pence should be there over Miggy.