Monday, June 1, 2009

Maybe it's our turn to pillage the Phillies

Billy Wagner. Brad Lidge. Roy Oswalt? In a continued effort to stock the Phillies' pitching ranks, maybe the Phillies are interested in Roy.

Jon Heyman defies JJO and continues to speculate on potential destinations for the Astros SP1:

The world champions are aiming high now in their quest for a starter, with Jake Peavy appearing to top their list of desirable aces, perhaps followed by Roy Oswalt, Cliff Lee and Erik Bedard.

Phillies GM Ruben Amaro, Jr.:
"We'd like to add depth at the top of the rotation if we can," But as he admitted, swinging a deal for a top pitcher is "easier said than done," especially with complications such as existing contracts, no-trade clauses and the whims of outside ownership. "There's no question it's tough to do," Amaro conceded.

Heyman runs down the Phillies' minor-league talent that could be made available for a top-of-the-line starter:

Multitalented outfielder John Mayberry Jr. has been impressive in a cameo this year. Also, Philadelphia's farm system contains respectable talent, such as shortstop Jason Donald, catcher Lou Marson, pitchers Carlos Carrasco and Kyle Drabek and outfielders Dominic Taylor and Michael Brown.

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