Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Matchup for G75 - Astros @ Padres

I'll be honest. I don't know what to expect from Mike Hampton, but giving his arm two weeks off to recover from groinstring issues will probably work to his favor.

Our Fair Team is 36-38, and with a win tonight will be - obviously - within one game of .500. That hasn't happened since the Astros were 1-2 on April 8. How do you like that? It's also worth noting that, with last night's win, the Astros are 17-17 on the road. And 19-21 at home.

Mike Hampton

No rundown on Mike Hampton today, as it's just been too long since he pitched.

Josh Banks

Josh Banks will be making his first start of the season tonight against Hampton, having pitched in relief in two games this season so far. Tonight was initially Wade Leblanc's turn in the rotation, but he went out and got himself sent to Triple-A Portland with a 14.54 ERA.

Two appearances:

6/19 vOAK32/00:01/946/35
6/25 @SEA3.15/22:17/654/31

I imagine we could be seeing what the bullpen has to offer early tonight (i.e, before we all go to bed), as his pitch count hasn't been ramped up to this point. Banks gets some flyballs, but at PETCO, that's okay.

Let's do the splits, even though he's only faced 22 batters:
vs Righties: 6x17, .353/.350/.529, 2K:1BB
vs Lefties: 1x5, .200/.200/.200, 0K:0BB

When swinging at the first pitch (0): n/a
After First-Pitch Strikes (13): .300/.333/.600, 1K:1BB
After First-Pitch Balls (13): .333/.308/.641, 1K:0BB

RISP: 0x7, .000/.000/.000, 1K:0BB
Runners on: 2x16, .125/.125/.125, 2K:0BB
2OwRISP: 0x4, .000/.000/.000, 0K:0BB

Yeah. That wasn't very helpful. Worst. Matchup Post. Ever.

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