Thursday, June 18, 2009

Justice rips Lee

Interesting blog this morning from Richard Justice on Carlos Lee.

An excerpt:
Carlos Lee loafed on an infielder grounder in the 10th inning. He presumed it was a routine out to the shortstop, but the ball was bobbled and Lee was caught looking bad...There are worse things than Carlos Lee not running hard to first base. For instance, there's the owner, general manager and manager ignoring Carlos Lee not running hard to first base.

Lee's play wasn't the worst thing that happened to the Astros Wednesday night in Arlington. There were again runners thrown out on the bases, errors, etc. If you care about the Astros, this should be an energizing time. Every ugly loss (leaves) the franchise closer to the reckoning day that's coming.

There may be days when the people in charge still convince themselves that everything is going to be OK, but mostly they seem to know it's time for a course correction.

They'll let it play out awhile longer, but sometimes between now and July 31 if the Astros clearly are out of contention, Drayton is going to pull the plug and begin the reconstruction.


I am generally opposed to any type of loafing, except when it involves me doing the loafing. That said, Lee should run hard on every play - and as much as I hate to give credit to Mark Teixcisdfiehasra, he scored from first on a routine pop out against the Mets last Friday night. However, Lee is playing through some leg issues. But I agree, I'm in favor of whatever catalyst is necessary to overhaul this club.

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