Sunday, June 7, 2009

G55 Preview - Pirates @ Astros

The deciding game of this weekend set goes Sunday at 2:05 pm ET. I'm getting the preview to you tonight because I'm actually gone camping and hope to be on the links tomorrow morning! Hopefully the Astros can play Sunday baseball better than I golf.

I present...Sunday's chuckers!!

Felipe Paulino, RHP - Houston Astros

1-4 / 6.21 ERA / 1.71 WHIP
42.0 IP / 33 K / 17 BBa

Ian Snell, RHP - Pittsburgh Pirates

1-6 / 5.64 ERA / 1.61 WHIP
59.0 IP / 42 K / 35 BB

It seems again, on paper, to be a pretty close matchup. Snell obviously has some control problems...but the Astros have problems being patient and drawing walks - so we'll see what happens.

As an aside, Snell stands 5'11" tall and weighs 200 lbs. Paulino makes him look like a Lego man - 6'2", 260 lbs. Rest assured that if Paulino can't beat Snell on the mound, he would have a fantastic chance at beating him in a street fight.

In other exciting news, Humberto Quintero will be behind the plate to catch 'The Friendly Giant' Paulino. Quintero seems to have become the personal catcher for both Hampton & Paulino now.

And I will leave you with an trivia tidbit....who is the only Astros player to have started all 54 games this season?

Give up?

Carlos Lee. Sure he doesn't hustle, and he's not much of a fielder...but you have to admit, the guy is reliable!

Chris McQuid

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