Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Drayton: Add, Don't Subtract!

Bruce Levine of ESPN Chicago (the most worthless ESPN idea since Dream Job) is reporting that the Astros won't be trading anybody anytime soon, unless it's for higher payroll and diminished results.

An Insider, via Levine:
"The Astros owner, Drayton McLane, has always been steadfast on his direction of the Astros," the executive told me. "Mr. McLane will be more prone to adding to his team rather than trading his present players away." The executive added, "I read your blog and whoever told you Houston will continue moving Oswalt just wasn't correct. Mr. McLane believes in his management team," said the source. "And his players are someone who he believes in as well. I doubt that you'll see [the Astros] ever trading players just to save salary."

The Insider, who is "one of the best-informed people in baseball," did not deny that there were rumblings between Roy and Coop. And you get one guess as to who is going to lose that battle...


Ryan Sides said...

Sadly, I think the fans lose that battle...

If we trade Roy, we probably get 75 cents on the dollar. If we fire Coop, no one wants to manage a team that extends its manager just to can him a month or two later.

The Constable. said...

+1. Roy would have to be packaged for prospects, all of whom combined might not equal a 2009 Roy.

Firing Coop hurts the long-term vision precisely for that reason.
There was no reason to extend Coop for 2010 - that was a hasty (and maybe ultimately wrong) decision.