Monday, June 8, 2009

Citizen Ty takes life into his own hands, reps Astros County at Yankee Stadium

Send in your photos to and have them posted for all the world to see. And now you know what kind of cheddar Citizen Ty has to get THOSE seats at Yankee Stadium.

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Ty said...

Now, now. Those are severely discounted seats. This may be the first and last time anyone says so, but, thanks, Economy.

Also, it is unfortunate that no one seemed to pay me mind. May be a commentary on the state of our team. But, I still cling dearly to the memory of the 2004 Game 7 loss to the Cards when the guy behind me poored the last remnants of his beer on my Clemens jersey within 20 seconds of my taking a seat. Stay classy, St. Lunatics...