Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's Draft Day!

Honestly, only an Astros fan can get as excited as I am about the draft. Because this is what we have to be excited about: drafting players who will contribute in 3-4 years. Let's face some facts, it doesn't look like Drayton and and Easy Eddie will be making any moves (so far). So what will they do? Offer Tejada arbitration? Risky, as he's said he wants to finish his career in Houston, and because of that, just may accept arbitration.

Remember, the problem with offering arbitration in order to get draft picks only works if the players decline arbitration.

So check in early and check in often as Astros County provides you with the best Astros-centered draft coverage tonight (we won't even talk about Stephen Strasburg, it's a guarantee).

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