Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bleak Moments in Astros Draft History

It's not bad to have a Hall of Famer scouting for you, like the Astros did in 1992 when pitcher/consecutive MVP ('45-'46) Hal Newhouser was on the staff, and would be inducted into the Hall of Fame later in the summer of '92. Newhouser liked this kid from Michigan, Derek Jeter. The Astros had the #1 Overall Pick in the draft. And took Phil Nevin.

In the lead up to the 1992 draft, Newhouser insisted that the Astros draft Jeter. Newhouser, in fact, apparently discovered Jeter. The Astros passed, drafting Phil Nevin instead. Newhouser was so incensed that he quit. Nevin played 18 games for the Astros, before being traded to the Tigers and having a creditable career.

It takes skill to get a Hall of Famer to scout for you. It takes even more skill to make that Hall of Famer quit.