Thursday, June 4, 2009

Angelos: He's no Drayton

Come on, FanHouse. Why pick a fight? In an article entitled Making Peace With Peter Angelos, Andrew Johnson describes Angelos' tenure as owner of the Baltimore Orioles, and how he's been named the Worst Owner in Baseball (WOB), and how he's not really that bad...

But closes with these parting shots:'s hard to see Angelos as more meddlesome than Astros owner Drayton McLane or more negligent of his fans than Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria.

Drayton and Easy Eddie are up for the role of The Meddler in the upcoming Batman movie, in which the character talks Batman into trading Robin and the BatMobile to The Penguin to free up payroll to extend Alfred's contract until 2014, with a $24 million option for 2015.

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