Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who do you hate?

I'm including a link to an article which is extremely profane, and extremely hilarious.

In essence: A Vikings fan rages on the possibility of the Vikings signing Brett Favre.

This made me think the following: If the Astros signed _________, even if that meant an increase in 10 wins, I would be so opposed that I would bleed out of my eyes. Here's my list:

Tony LaRussa
Carlos Zambrano
David Eckstein
Roger Clemens
Jim Edmonds
Jim Leyritz (1998 hatred; it's the best)

Who you got?


RoundRock15 said...

Those are all pretty good. I'd add Michael Barrett, Jermaine Dye, and A.J. Pierzynski to the list.

Ryan Sides said...

How do you leave off Pujols? I know he's a good guy and all, but still...

The Constable. said...

Here's the thing about Pujols. He's the one batter that, when he comes to the plate either with the bases clean or runners on, I think: "----."

But I don't dislike him as a person. He actually seems like a pretty good guy. Respects the game. Works hard. The aforementioned douchebags, to which RoundRock15 added three legitimate candidates, may meet those requirements, but I doubt it.

If Drayton ponied up the $300m it's going to take to sign his next contract, I would have a party. I would buy a Cardinals Pujols jersey and cross out the Cardinals logo with a thin Sharpie and write in "Houston" to make it more demeaning to Cardinals fans.

And he might be the only player I would be okay with Lance shifting back to right field for.

stros12 said...

well if we are talking good guys or guys that respect the game... Tony LaRussa should not be on the list either. He respects the Astros more than any other manager in the big leagues. I would have to add A-Rod.

RoundRock15 said...

I'm with you on Pujols. I thought about putting him on my list, but truth be told, I'd dance a jig if we signed him. I've said for a long time I wish he played somewhere else so that I could at least root for him. A-Rod is a good choice, too.

Seth said...

AJ Pierzynski is the uber douche of the MLB. If they signed him, I would switch allegiances. That's how much I cannot stand that idiot.

I think the opposite about Tony LaRussa. I wish we had him and his entire staff. There's a reason the Cardinals always seem to overachieve, and I think LaRussa and Duncan are a big part of that.

Another person I don't care for (and this is a possibility) is Pedro Martinez.

I also can't stand Ryan Klesko for some reason.

I might as well start listing:

Gary Sheffield
Mark Teixera
I don't have a good reason, but I don't like Scott Spiezio

I'm going blank now. There are more.

Anonymous said...

Joe Mauer

Not just because I'm a Pudge fan, because I just hate him.

The Constable. said...

+1 to Anonymous for Joe Mauer. Baseless, unexplainable hatred is fun.

And I realize that I have a double-standard, giving Pujols a pass and listing LaRussa. Yes, LaRussa respects the game. And yes, he works hard. I read "Three Days in August," or whatever it's called. Still, it is what it is.

Ryan Sides said...

Agreed on all counts. I mentioned he's a good guy because of that. But if we're doing away with LaRussa we have to do the same with Pujols (as stros12 pointed out).

Also... I would be ok with Lance shifting back to the outfield for more than just Pujols. What about Ryan Howard? Or Teixeira? If we're living in a dream world......

jphelps said...

Speizio because of that ridiculous red chin hair, Fernando Vina if he were still playing, and Craig Counsell. I hated their batting stances, it would pain me to watch them every day.

The Constable. said...

Spiezio and Counsell are good ones. +1.

Ryan Sides said...

If we're going with annoying batting stances, how about annoying wind-ups for starters? Wang annoys me so much that when I play the Yankees on my 360, I alter the rotation so I don't have to see him pitch. And anyone that's fragile enough to tear MULTIPLE ligaments rounding third base should not be an Astro...