Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Berkman in danger of not being a .300-hitter, embarrassing me

So...I point to two things whenever my Yankee/Met/Red Sox-fan friends start to get loose and bust my Astro-balls: (1) Roy's career 3.16 ERA (4th among active, if you count Pedro as "active") and the fact that, since he debuted, his 129 wins are the most in the Majors, and (2) Lance's status as a career .300+ hitter. One of those things is about to change.

Lance's batting average is currently .2996 (exactly the same, incidentally, as Chase Utley). In 4,897 ABs, Lance has 1,467 hits. If Lance goes hitless in his first two ABs tonight, his average will drop to .2994 - under .300. At which point if my Yankee, Met, Red Sox fan friends say anything, I will slice them up like a visalia onion.