Saturday, May 16, 2009

Reactions to G36 - Astros at Cubs

LaTroy Hawkins:
“There we go again. I want to kick myself for walking the leadoff hitter. That’s the game right there - leadoff walks. If I don’t leadoff walk that guy, then it’s just a regular old single.”

Cooper, on whether or not he considered walking Soriano (who instead had the walk-off RBI):
"No, not at all. “You make pitches, you get him out. Simple as that. We didn't make our pitches. If we make pitches, we get him out. It's not like he crushed the ball. The ball went off the end of the bat. You make pitches, you get him out."

"I wanted to try to hit the ball to the gap in right field. That pitch was away, and I put the ball in play."

Piniella, on Soriano:
"When he goes to right field, good things will happen. I've told him that many times."

Piniella, on Gregg:
"You certainly don't expect your closer to get hit that hard. I talked to our catcher, Geovany, and he said [Gregg] was up and down the middle with about everything. He needed the work, we needed to pitch him, and he'll be better tomorrow."

“We were pretty much dead in the water. Then Lance gets a swat for us and gets us going. We had our chances there. We had three shots to knock a run home and we didn't."

“I was very pleased with our effort in the ninth inning. You could have easily just packed it in when you’re down four runs and a team has their closer on the mound. I’d be willing to bet that doesn’t happen that often that you come back to tie that game. It’s just disappointing to lose a game that didn’t look like we were going to win, didn’t look like we were going to have a chance to win, then it looked like we should have won it. And now it’s disappointing again.”