Friday, May 15, 2009

Reactions to G35 - Astros at Rockies

Pudge, on Wandy:
“He used a few changes in and out, but definitely his breaking ball was really strong today."

“Today we were kind of executing and taking advantage of (the errors). That’s what good teams do if you get the other on the ropes.”

Cooper, on Wandy:
“Sometimes the good pitchers — and I think Wandy’s right in that level now — once they get a lead and they know it’s going to get late in the ballgame, they start to dial it up. I thought he had two or three key strikeouts. You can see how he has a little more emotion. He seemed to get stronger as he went on.”

"I had good stuff today. Once I throw the ball, it's up the guys to make the play. We had a couple of unfortunate plays and it ended costing us."

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