Friday, May 29, 2009

Newark Bears: Preferable to Houston Astros?

So it seems.

Jon Heyman's column has a fairly lengthy section on The Troubles Facing Cecil Cooper.

One competing GM remarked, "This could be a record for the quickest firing after a contract is extended."

Astros higher-ups are now declining to provide a public vote of confidence to Cooper, creating the impression that Cooper could be canned. And if he is, that would be a shame.

Some people believe the real problem is not Cooper but general manager Ed Wade, who is said to be a frequent and negative presence in Houston's clubhouse, frequently talking tough while impressing few. Wade is viewed as a meddler who puts everyone in a defensive mode, including Cooper, who has no choice but to play along. "Being a new manager, Cooper tried to go along with it," one person close to Cooper said. "It's not Coop's fault."

Shawn Chacon was banished from the team, and ostensibly from the majors, for pushing down Wade last year, but privately his inappropriate actions were cheered by some other players. Poor Chacon is trying to resurrect his career with the Newark Bears, but he's probably happy to be out of the unhealthy atmosphere in Houston.

Whoa. So if you believe every media report you read, (and why wouldn't you?) Drayton is a moron. Wade is a meddler. Cooper can't communicate. Berkman is pissy. Roy can't find it in himself to actually compete for the Astros.

Good times.

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Can we get a do-over?