Monday, May 25, 2009

Meat Wagon doubles back; Blum strains hamstring; Backe

So Blum will be out "two or three days" with a strained left hamstring.

“In my third at-bat when I took that swing, I felt it. It bit pretty good, and it hurts."


And now Backe is eligible to return. Where? Who knows.

"He’s going to pitch somewhere on this road trip, I don’t know exactly when or where. We’ve got to determine that, whether it’s in the bullpen or whether it’s starting, we’ve got to figure that out."

Zach Levine added that Coop was leaning toward a rotation spot.

Ed Wade:
“We just need to see what our needs are and where he fits in.”


Jose Valverde is coming along in his rehab after his second opinion confirmed the first opinion.

Ed Wade:
“The discomfort that he had was just part of the healing process. We expect him to start running here in the next couple of days. We’re still probably weeks away from him being able to pitch in a game at the big league level.”

Hopefully "weeks away" means "before the trade deadline."

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