Monday, May 25, 2009

Maysonet knows himself some job security

So what would have happened if Quintero had gone down, after Pudge's 1st inning exit? Edwin Maysonet would have happened:

"I've caught bullpens in spring training and Triple-A. The only thing I'd have problems with is that I don't know the pitchers and what pitches they like to throw. I need to know the pitchers. Dewey told me to start catching a few bullpens so I can get used to it, because one never knows what will happen."


Geoff Geary threw 20 pitches in a bullpen session today, and though he is eligible to come off the DL on Friday, who knows whether he will?

"We'll see what the angle does to the old arm. There's always a chance to come off. I don't know yet. We have to go day-to-day. You can't jump in the last day of a DL stint."

I'm assuming the chance to come off is the DL, not his arm coming off.