Saturday, May 2, 2009

G24 Preview : Astros v. Braves

Roy Oswalt is (0-2 3.94) looking for his first win as he gets his first start in this month of May. Many a wizard costume wearing fan will be delighted if he can continue his dominance over the last three starts where he has only allowed a total of 5 runs. The Braves (11-11) do not offer much of a threat to the Astros (9-14) Ace in theory, but in practice Oswalt has NEVER gotten a win against Atlanta, and they are only NL team yet to feel his hand.
However, the Braves opposing starter, Jair Jurrjens (2-2 1.72) should be up to the challenge facing him today in the form of an increasingly inconsistant Astros lineup. The everyday lineup has a habit of not showing up for long stretches of time and last nights yawnfest proved that they are in a hurry to get the postgame spead more often than not. Jair, a 23 year old righthander from Curacao, has not allowed more than three runs in any of his five starts and has been the victim of run support by his breathren in his two losses and one ND.
The other news coming from Astros Brass today, Jose Valverde will be out of action for as many as five weeks now.

Astros Batters against Jurrjens (career)

Bourn 1/2 .500
Michaels 0/1 .000
Pudge 1/1 1.000 1 HR
Smitty 1/1 1.000 1 HR

Braves Hitters against Roy O (career)

C. Jones 1/6 .167
D. Ross 1/4 .250

So not many career AB's for anyone in this game against either starter, but history indicates, the Astros hitters that have seen Jair, have fared well.