Monday, April 27, 2009

What the heck, Miguel Tejada?

It's pretty well-documented (by me) that Miguel Tejada was hitless against the Brewers, dropping his average from .365 to .303 in three days. What the heck happened? Let's take a gander at those 13 ABs...

7th inning: 8-pitch, 3-2 groundout to third; 3 fouls, one strike swinging (SS)
5th inning: 2-pitch, 1-0 flyout to left with 1LOB
3rd inning: 2-pitch, 1-0 groundout to third with 2LOB
2nd inning: 2-pitch, 0-1 groundout to third; one strike looking (SL)

10th inning: 2-pitch, 0-1 flyout to center with 3LOB (1SL)
9th inning: 4-pitch, 1-2 flyout to center with 1LOB (1SL)
8th inning: 2-pitch, 0-1 groundout to second (1SL)
5th inning: 5-pitch, 1-2 strikeout swinging (1SS)
4th inning: 1-pitch popout to short
2nd inning: 5-pitch, 2-2 groundout to second (1SS)

7th inning: 2-pitch, 0-1 flyout to left
4th inning: 7-pitch, 3-2 flyout to center (1SS)
2nd inning: 2-pitch, 1-0 groundout to second

A couple of things to note:
Six groundouts: three to second, three to third
Five flyouts: three to left, two to center
One popout: to short
One strikeout
Perhaps most telling, this 13AB skid has occurred since Tejada was dropped from 2nd to 5th in the lineup. Maybe it's time to move him back...

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Seth said...

I agree. Put him where he has the most success. Batting 2nd is not a bad spot for him. You don't have to be a power guy in the 2 hole... you just need to be able to handle the bat pretty well.