Monday, April 27, 2009

Meat Wagon News

The Astros Notes section is turning into a health report. But as we commented on how Valverde did not look 100% over the weekend, it turns out that he really is still hurt:

Says Zachary Levine:
"In closing Sunday’s 3-2 win over the Brewers, Valverde felt pain on every pitch and, upon trying to cover first base on a ground ball to Lance Berkman, could only hobble at best.

Says Valverde himself:
"Maybe I have to take two more days; I don’t know. I have to check it tomorrow."
Brian Moehler will make another rehab start on Wednesday with Corpus Christi (Round Rock is off on Wednesday, something I bet the Astros wouldn't mind one of these days.)

"One hundred pitches — that’s my goal."
And speaking of Round Rock, Brandon Backe will make his first rehab start of 70-75 pitches tonight for the Express.

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