Saturday, April 18, 2009

Recap for G11, Astros vs Reds

Wandy absolutely dominated the Reds tonight, and I guess this is a game even Dusty Baker would say the Astros deserved to win. The last - and only - time he struck out ten batters? August 26, 2008 vs...ding ding ding! The Cincinnati Reds. In that game Wandy threw 7IP of 3H ball, giving up one run and earning a no-decision. This time, there wasn't any point in which Wandy wasn't in control of this game.

Wandy: 7IP, 2H, 0ER, 10K:2BB
Sampson: 1IP, 1H, 0K:1BB
Fulchino: 1IP, 0H

Everyone give it up for Fulchino's Astros debut, in which he got Taveras, Hairston and Votto to fly out to right, center, and center - respectively.


Let's have a closer look at Wandy's 10 strikeouts, shall we?
1st inning: Taveras - swinging
2nd inning: Encarnacion - swinging; Nix - swinging
3rd inning: Hernandez - looking; Gonzalez - looking; Harang - looking
5th inning: Nix - swinging
6th inning: Harang - swinging
7th inning: Votto - looking; Nix - swinging

Hooray! Nix was the major victim, striking out swinging three times on the night.

And let's not forget the Astros bats. Carlos Lee raised his average to .250 with a 3x3 night (plus a walk); Geoff Blum went 3x4 with 3RBI to raise his average to .324. Pudge got his 2nd multi-hit game of the season by going 2x2 with 2RBIs of his own. It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows - it rarely is. Jason Smith is now 0x13 on the season, and Berkman went 0x4 with a walk, but it lowered his batting average to .189. Three XBHs with doubles by Lee, Blum, and Pudge. And the Astros got 3SBs from Tejada, Pence, and Bourn. Bourn's stolen base came in the 5th in which the Astros were up 2-0. Leadoff single from Bourn, he steals 2nd. Tejada and Berkman fly out and Lee doubles, scoring Bourn.

More importantly, of the 15 baserunners, there were no instances of the Grounding Into a Double Play variety.

Man of the Match:
Are you kidding? Let's hear it for the New Stopper, Wandy Rodriguez

Goat of the Game:
Hard to say, as things went pretty well for the Astros tonight. Even though Bourn had a clutch SB, he did end the inning three times - twice striking out swinging with two men on - we're giving the Goat to Bourn.