Saturday, April 11, 2009

Reactions to G4 - Houston at St. Louis

5-3 loss to the Cardinals at Beck's Stadium last night in which Astros' batters hit into three double plays, two to the Pudge.

From Coop:
“We had plenty of chances. We just kind of missed the big hit there."

From Hampton:
“It seems like they had a good approach and there weren’t too many easy outs. As a whole, I felt good. The ball was moving like I wanted it to and I was mixing it up pretty well. It was one of those nights where a few plays here and there cost me.”

From Brocail
“I couldn’t find a release point to save my life."

From Berkman:
"The first two times through the order, I don't feel like we made (Cardinals starter Joel Pineiro) work too hard to get us out. I don't know if the concentration level was down, but I thought we let him hang around. I'm not taking anything away because he threw the ball well, but you have to compete."

From LaRussa, on Pujols' run in the 3rd:
"He's an outstanding baserunner. Sometimes he runs like he's invisible out there but most of the time when he runs, he uses great judgment and he's got terrific aggressiveness and instincts. That was a big-league play. All-Star play. Hall of Fame play." King of All the World play, I think, was implied.