Saturday, April 11, 2009

Doug Brocail heads home, shoulder between his legs

Doug Brocail is flying to Houston after notifying Ed Wade he's experiencing discomfort in his right shoulder.

"I had tendinitis in Spring Training, and the tendinitis went away and I thought it was all done and over with. All of a sudden, it's back. Anytime I have to throw out of the windup to try to get on top of the ball, I'm in trouble. I'm a strike-thrower, and I couldn't find a release point to save my life."

Contrary to Mr. Brocail's statement, he hasn't exactly been a strike thrower so far this season. Regard:

3G, 2.1IP, 2H, 2ER, 2HR, 4BB/0K
46 pitches/21 strikes (45.7%)
13 batters faced, 7 outs (53.8%)

On April 4, the last game before the regular season, remember Doug took the L against the Indians, throwing 1IP and giving up 3R (2ER).

And if I may jog your memory back to February 20, where Brocail detailed the shoulder pain he felt during the first week of Spring Training:

"I get it every year," Brocail said. "It's just that I got it later than normal. Usually I get it about the second weekend of January. And this year, I got it the first week of February. Usually it takes about 2 ½ or three weeks to get rid of and I'm always done with it by spring training." This was the famous "hump up" quote. Click the link for context.