Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reactions to G22 - Astros at Reds

Dusty Baker:
“Sooner or later, I knew we were going to beat those guys. But I wanted it to be sooner. It wasn’t just getting a gorilla off our backs, it was getting King Kong off our back.”

Bourn, on Volquez:
“I believe we should have hit him. We put some good swings on him tonight.”

Cooper, on Paulino:
“I thought Felipe threw the ball terrific. We just can’t seem to score any runs when he’s on the mound. We’ve scored one run in the three starts that he’s had, and that’s not going to get it done for a guy who’s throwing the ball pretty well for us.”

Cooper, on Volquez:
“I didn’t think he was all that sharp,” Cooper said of Volquez. “I really didn’t. I thought he had some life to his fastball. It looked like we had some pitches to hit, but we just didn’t swing it very well. You have to give him some credit. I didn’t think he was like a one-hit type of performance, but I did think he threw the ball really well.”

Bourn, on what happened in center with Lee:
“I called the ball. If I call it I want it. I’m not calling it just for my health. That’s all I can say. I don’t try to bully nobody or do nothing like that. I’m the center fielder. I want the ball. I call it. I want it, simple as that.”

“I wanted to attack the zone, attack the hitters. Ramon (Hernandez) and I were together all night. I could throw my pitches where I wanted.”