Sunday, April 26, 2009

Reactions to G19, Brewers @ Astros

"Our bullpen was pretty good today. That's what we need out of them. We hadn't been getting it, but today we got it."

"I'm not 100 percent right now. I'm pitching because I have to support my teammates. This is my job, and I'm going to have to do it, but I don't feel 100 percent."

Brocail on Robinson's mound visit:
"I'm glad Dewey came out because I was working so fast trying to find a groove that I ended up rushing, dropping my arm. He basically came out and said 'listen, get back up on top, slow everything down and listen to what Pudge has to say and help yourself out' and that's what happened, and thank God."

Cooper, on Brocail:
"He's just a little rusty; the guy's been on the DL for two weeks. And here he is being thrown into a one-run ballgame right away, but that shows you what Bro's made out of; he was ready for it."