Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reactions to G14 - Dodgers at Astros

Berkman on Ortiz and Valverde:
"They’re guys that have been around. I think that’s what you get when you have veterans - poise even in the face of seeming disaster. They both did a great job of limiting the damage. Russ kept us in that game and gave us an opportunity to score those runs without it getting out of hand. Jose did his job there in the ninth inning after it looked like he got off to a little bit of a rough start."

"I knew after the first my job was just to keep us in the game."

Clayton Kershaw:
"I just didn't have a good night. I was getting ahead of hitters for the most part, they were just hitting pitches. It was one of those nights."

Joe Torre on Kershaw:
"He just didn't look comfortable. I thought he battled, but it looked like he was trying to overthrow it at times."

"I’ll take a win almost at any cost. Almost"

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jphelps said...

I still can't believe Ortiz made it as far as he did. He got stellar defense, and was able to turn those grounders into outs. IRod really called a great game as the hitters were off balance regularly after the 1st inning. I think Ortiz may have thrown too many pitches on account of his wildness, but it made the hitters jumpy indirectly. They really wanted to swing at his weak stuff, but he wouldn't throw the ball in the zone (purposefully?)on hitters counts, getting a lot of rollover gb's.