Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ed Wade comments on Randy Wolf's off-season negotiations

Remember Randy Wolf? I thought you might. Ed Wade made a few comments about the negotiations the day Randy Wolf pitches in Houston again, but for the other team:

“Our hope was to be able to keep Wolfie here. We made a legitimate offer, and we were knee-deep in the negotiations when we had to pull it off the table because of the economy. I never had to do it before, pull an offer off the table to a player. At the tail end just before he signed with the Dodgers, we made another offer; we tried to get back into it, but at that point, it was fairly apparent that we weren’t going to be able to get anything done with him.”

Wolf signed with the Dodgers for $5 million plus incentives.

Says the Wolf:
“I really don’t look at it as shortchanged. As far as the Astros, they have to make their decisions in a business sense that they feel is right for them.”