Thursday, April 30, 2009

Paulino could stay, but now how you might think

The story was filed around 10pm, when it might not have been so evident to JJO or the Chronicle that Moehler got rocked by Midland (the Rockhounds, ironically).

Paulino has done well in his three starts. So well, in fact, that it's a possibility that the Astros will take him out of a role in which he is effective...

Says Coop:
“There is a possibility of him staying around and pitching out of the bullpen. Yes, there is a possibility.”

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CM said...

If Paulino doesn't stay as a part of the starting rotation, then i've lost the last tiny bit of respect I had left for Pooper Cooper. Moehler's best days are far behind him - he only had good results last year due to abnormally good run support for most of his starts. Ortiz has looked, for the most part, terrible. Paulino has been pretty solid each time out there. And I used to think Phil Garner was an idiot!