Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Off-Day Arguments

Let's unveil a new series called Off-Day Arguments. Issues and positions that can, and will, be debated on off days. Today, let's do the math.

30 Major League Teams
16 teams in the National League
14 teams in the American League

6 teams in the National League Central
4 teams in the American League West
1 natural rival in the American League West already

I think you know where I'm going with this:
Should the Astros be moved to the American League West?



Kevin said...

The AL is the last place an offensively inept team
should go. Not to mention a run at the world series
would be harder to come by. I would love to be re-aligned, but I don't think the AL is the place to go.

jphelps said...

If we go, Carlos Lee can move to his more natural position at DH.

cody said...

it would be fun to see a rivalry between the rangers and astros all the time. also it would be nice to see a DH. however the stros' would have a much harder time getting to the playoffs due to the AL having so many good teams

Spruce said...

I'm too old to have to stay up to the wee hours watching that many west coast road games. My best friend, the DVR, would get a workout.

As far as the AL goes: There are times I think our pitchers have a better shot at hitting than most of the guys on the bench. Why screw that up?

Jason Cardwell said...

As a hardcore stros fan I have become a fan of the NL in general and would be heart broken if Houston moved to the AL. I don't like the DH rule, although we have plenty of DH candidates, and I'm not a big fan of the way the game is played in the AL.

DwH said...

Not sure if this has been posted before, but (except for during interleagure play) it is statistically impossible for an odd number of teams to occupy a league and still play every day... since one team would always be the odd team out, they would have an off day... hence each team would necessarily have an off day every nth day, with n equal to the number of teams in the league... this is undesirable, because there would always be one team with an off day on Friday, a different team with an off day on Saturday, and still another team with an off day on Sunday... this does not bode well for ticket sales, even though theoretically it is probably possible to arrange so that no team ever has an off weekend day while at home. Still, not good for TV either.

So... unless interleague play took place from April through September, an odd number of teams in either league would probably be bad for baseball...

The solution? Six teams for every division! What would it take to get six more teams into the MLB? A salary cap! Maybe a new commissioner too... I can probably think of six more cities that could support an MLB team over the course of 162 games if, for example, there was a salary cap of around 100 million to keep things competitive. Anybody think 36 MLB teams would be a bad idea? I for one would like to see MLB teams in cities/areas such as San Juan PR, San Antonio or Austin TX, Portland OR, Richmond/Virginia beach VA, Las Vegas NV, and Newark NJ. Maybe Memphis TN or Indianapolis IN.