Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Bleacher Report does it again

I'm getting tired of this.

In the vein of our Off-Day Argument, Volume 1 in which we debate (or have yet to debate, anyway) whether the Astros should go to the AL West, there is an article on moving the Pirates to the NL East and the Braves to the NL Central. It's worth a thought, but then in the explanations section of the article, five reasons were listed. Four of them are irrelevant, but #2 was put thusly:

2. The Astros aren't looking good with Craig Biggio and Brandon Backe on the DL.

Biggio. On the DL. If you click the link, you'll notice there is a comment by Astros County, in which I registered for an account specifically to comment on this article. If it's sarcasm, that's cool. I don't get it, mainly because the other four reasons why the Pirates should move to the NL East at least retain some semblance of logic, but the appeal of sarcasm is that it's going to go over 90% of people's heads. If I'm the 90%, cool. But somehow I don't think that's the case.

Look, I make mistakes. Just the other day I added 2+1+1 and got 3. I fixed it, but it stayed like that for a day. But saying Craig Biggio is on the DL...just like saying Backe gave up 31 homers last year (he gave up 36). That's something that is a pretty easy double-check.