Saturday, April 25, 2009

Meat Wagon notes

We spoke last night about how Moehler did at Round Rock last night, and there are a
couple of updates we get from Doug Brocail and Jose Valverde...

Depending on how well he feels after a 20-pitch simulated game yesterday, Brocail could rejoin the team tomorrow.
“I felt good. I felt real good. When you cut the ball off, my ball tends to be a cutter in to lefties and uncontrollable to righties,” he said. “Finally I’m getting sink and hard movement in. I threw three out of my four pitches for strikes. I’ll throw three out of my four pitches for strikes any day.”

Threw seven pitches last night, and is still not ready to return from the Tuesday game vs. the Dodgers.
“I really felt it. It wasn’t a lot, but I really felt it.”

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