Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Lexington Legends are younger, faster, and more aggressive - or, The Opposite of the Astros

Great preview in the Lexington paper on the 2009 Lexington Legends, who kick off their season tomorrow.

Manager Tom Lawless said this:
"They're young kids. You've got to be patient with them. But they should attack the strike zone. And, if we catch the baseball, we'll be in a lot of ball games."

"We've got some speed on the bases. We've got speed in the outfield. We've got good catching. So we're pretty solid. It's just a matter of, 'you gotta go out there and play.'"

That seems like a rather strange "if" to me, but whatever.

Six of the Astros' Top 30 prospects are on the Legends' roster:
RHPs Ross Seaton (3) and Jordan Lyles (6), OF Jay Austin (10), LHP Brad Dydalewicz (14), C Federico Hernandez (20) and 1B Phil Disher (27).

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