Thursday, April 23, 2009

Forbes Astros Valuations

So Forbes released their franchise values for all 30 MLB teams, and predictably, the Yankees are the most valuable franchise in all of baseball. Buoyed by the new ballpark, the Mets are 2nd, and the Red Sox are 3rd. Where do our Astros fall here?

The Astros were one of 13 MLB clubs to record no change or a decline in value from 2008. Also declining were the Nationals (-12%), Braves (-10%), Mariners (-9%), Tigers (-9%), Giants (-5%), Indians (-4%), Rangers (-2%), A's (-1%), Pirates (-1%), Cardinals/Orioles/Blue Jays (+-0%)

How does this change from the previous five years?

YearValue%ChangeRevenueOper. Inc.Value Rank

Go to the World Series and see your value increase by $59 million! Anyone else notice that the Astros posted a record in revenues?