Sunday, April 5, 2009

ESPN puts the entire season into a computer

They didn't project it all out, but here are your ESPN Expert Picks for the NL Central (strangely, no anchor from Baseball Tonight or any television crew was asked. I guess there's a difference between "Expert" and "Analyst"):

In favor of the Cubs (* = Cubs win WS)
Jorge Arangure, Jr*
Jim Caple
Jerry Crasnick
Peter Gammons
Pedro Gomez
Jason Grey
Orel Hershiser
Tim Kurkjian
Keith Law (Cards win WC)
Amy Nelson
Rob Neyer*
Buster Olney (Cards win WC)
Nate Ravitz
Brendan Roberts
Enrique Rojas (Reds win WC, lose to Yanks in WS)
Jayson Stark
Gene Wojciechowski*

In favor of the Cards
Matthew Berry (lose in WS)
Eric Karabell (lose in WS)
Peter Pascarelli (Cardinals win WS)
Chris Singleton