Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Power Rankings - Week 3

Week 3 Power Rankings, from ESPN:

Houston Astros
29th (LW: 29th)
The Astros are last in the majors in runs scored (36), and Miguel Tejada, who's hitting .368, has no home runs and only one RBI.

NLC roundup:
Cubs - 3rd
Cardinals - 5th
Reds - 12th
Pirates - 20th
Brewers - 27th

And from Fox Sports:

27th (LW 29th)
Don't blame Cecil, this club is put together horribly. And the skip will get another chance to see just how poorly in 2010.

Cubs - 5th
Cardinals - 10th
Reds - 15th
Pirates - 16th
Brewers - 25th